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1 Color Glass Full Servo CNC Screen Printer 3D

  • Product Item:3D
  • Category:CNC Glass Screen Printing Machine
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  • Type: CNC Machine
  • Can print Oval and Square with 4 sides at one time
  • Product Manual:Full Servo CNC Glass Bottles,glass containers,glass cups ,mugs screen printing machine

1 Color Glass Full Servo CNC Screen Printer

Glass Bottles, glass containers,glass cups printing machine

Product Name: 1 Color Glass Full Servo CNC Screen Printer

Model: 3D


This Multi-function Automatic Glass Bottle Screen Printer(CNC Printing Machine) is fit for multi colors decoration of glass bottles, cups, mugs etc at high production speed.

It can print any shape of containers all around in once time printing.


1.Automatic loading and unloading system with multi axis servo robot

2.Automatic UV curing with high efficiency electrode UV system

3.Automatic printing system with all servo driven: printing head, mesh frame, rotation,container

 up/down all driven by servo motors.

5.Fast tooling changeover time, it's about 20 minutes for each color. All parameters automatic setting by touch screen.

6.All Ethercat servo motors with industrial PLC control & touch screen operation system, internet cable connection available, easy for future maintenance and upgrading

8.Safety operation with CE

9.Can use thermoplastic ink or UV ink.

10.The CNC screen printer can equip with visual registration as per customer requirement.


1:Printing size: Bottle Dia.25-90mm,   Height:30-170mm

2:Speed: 30-40pcs/h.

3.Air Pressure: 5-7bars

4.Power: 380V 3phase 50Hz 7.5Kw

5.Machine Weight:800kg

6.Machine Packing Size:2500*1500*2100mm(L*W*H)

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